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Inspirational power of Nature in the workplace

People’s connection to nature — biophilia — is an emergent field in design. Studies warn us of the lost connection with green spaces while more and more of the population is moving to urban areas often with few occasions to experience nature. Also, they found out that people respond positively not just to the presence of actual vegetation in the space, but also to related imagery. And this access to natural scenes can promote the well-being of people in these environments.

Future-proof the design of your office

Future-proof the design of your office

Let’s start by saying why this is such a big topic. We all spend 90 percent of our time indoors, mostly in offices. Our productivity is strictly connected to the office environment to the point that, according to a survey of 2,500 office workers commissioned by Tarkett (Evidencing the Work life movement, 2017), 44 percent of respondents to the survey believe that wellbeing should be the biggest priority for Europe’s office-based organizations. Companies with satisfied, engaged workers experience up to 65 percent lower employee turnover and a 12 percent increase in productivity among happy employees (Warwick University study, 2014).

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